Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pretty in Pink


The road is a treasure-trove of opportunity for blog posts.  Today was very fortuitous, indeed.


My first thought was, wow.  That guy sure likes pink: Pink flames and even a pink cooler.  Then I got a closer look.


The pink rear seat is awesome!  One more parting shot for you:


I also saw a pink mustang convertible with the Barbie logo on the side, but I wasn’t fast enough to catch that one.  I did, however, get a photo of this one:


I also saw this license plate:


Yes, the license plate reads “JUCEE 1”, which translated into properly spelled English is “Juicy one”.  I saw the driver of this Dodge, and can attest that she was, in fact, “Juicy.”  In the sense that a bird would say a caterpillar is juicy.

This mustang’s vanity plate was a little risqué, too:

Tame Me

And my 350Z Nismo did, in fact “tame” the mustang.  Once we got out of traffic on 59, she punched it, and so did I.


  1. I saw a Barbie vanity plate the other day and I wish I'd taken a picture for you!

  2. Nice collection, bro! Who has spare cash to spend on distasteful cars, anyway?