Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jesus Sells… Birdhouses?

Just as a follow up to my blog from February 27th, I saw this scene on the side of the road and had to take a photo.


I had never seen anything like it!  Although the workmanship was certainly adequate, I couldn’t help but be perplexed at the idea of making birdhouses out of crosses. 

I know that Jesus Christ was the son of a carpenter, but I doubt that he or his father, Joseph ever built a birdhouse.

I couldn’t help but think about the song by They Might Be Giants entitled, Birdhouse in Your Soul

“You’ll never know what you’ll find when you open up your letterbox tomorrow.  A little bird never told me anything I wanted to know, she’s my best friend, she’s a sparrow… make a little birdhouse in my soul”


  1. You would not believe how many people I see pulling over and buying those on Hwy 98. The guy does a brisk business.

  2. ode to Hattiesburg!!!! How I miss thee:)

  3. Hey Ern,
    Can you box one of those up and UPS it to me in China? I think it would go over pretty well in my front yard! :)

    Miss ya!